Doctor Elio Galán cover of AV Magazine in Miami

El Doctor de las Celebridades rumbo a nuevas metas este 2023.
El Doctor Elio Galán, conocido como “Doctor de las Celebridades” está de celebración con el tercer aniversario de fundado de Galán Aesthetics. El afamado Doctor es uno de los más renombrados expertos de la medicina estética en la Capital del Sol, considerado una importante figura pública.

Doctor Elio Galán cover AV Magazine
The recently concluded 2022 was a year full of blessings for Dr. Galán, both personally and professionally, for which he decided to take a magical and well-deserved vacation to celebrate the success of his work. Nothing more and nothing less than moving to Sydney, Australia to say goodbye to New Year Eve in a chronological order much earlier than at his home in Miami.

Galán was privileged to see the fireworks display from Sydney, one of the first major cities in the world to ring in the New Year, drawing huge television audiences from around the world, with a public countdown and fireworks spectacle. fireworks over its iconic Opera House.

The famous Doctor Elio Galán shared on his social networks a rainbow of colors that illuminated Sydney Harbor, with 2,000 fireworks launched from the four sails of the Sydney Opera House and 7,000 fireworks from more positions on the Sydney Harbor Bridge. never

The dream and well-deserved vacation of the Celebrity Doctor does not end and thus he continues to travel through Thailand, New Zealand, India and Japan until he opens the doors of his medical office again on January 18, 2023.
Dr. Galán has been developing educational work for patients on skin care for some time, taking his knowledge to the most prestigious radio and television programs. During 2022 he gets to make programs for important national television networks such as: Telemundo, Univisión, Mega tv, Americateve among others. Several segments of Gordo y la Flaca, one of the programs with the highest Hispanic audience in the United States, were recorded at the Galán Aesthetics facilities, in addition to airing every Sunday on the popular program “Cuéntame” broadcast on Mega TV in its primetime .

It is very common to find the Celebrity Doctor appearing at the main galas in the city of Miami, red carpets and meetings with celebrities. Many are added to the list of celebrities and public figures treated in their consultation during 2022, just to name a few:

Alicia Machado -Actress and former Miss Universe
Alessandra Villegas -Television Presenter
Daniel Sarcos -Television Presenter
Alex Rodríguez-Television Presenter (Sit whoever can), UNIMAS
Kerly Ruiz- Television Presenter (Sit whoever can), UNIMAS
Fedro -Actor and Singer
Pooch Flash -Singer
Christian Daniel -Singer
Karla Gomez -Television Presenter (Sit whoever can), UNIMAS
Willy Martin -Actor and Television Presenter (EVTV)
Mirtha Medina -Singer
Ambar Musical – Presenter and Singer
Natalia Cruz -Radio and Television Presenter
Aylín Mujica -Actress and Presenter
Julián Gil- Actor-Presenter (Whoever can sit down). UNIMAS
Luis Luyando – Talent Manager
Vicente Saavedra – Talent Manager
Oscar Petit -Univision Presenter (Gordo y Flaca)
Raúl González -Television Presenter (Despierta América), Univision
Maripily Rivera -Businesswoman
Noris Joffre -Actress and Presenter
Wilmer Ramírez -Comedian
Dany Lugo -Star Choreographer
Liz Vega -Actress and Singer
Dunia Ojeda -Singer
Lisandra Delgado -Influencer
Rubert Manuel -Influencer
Franjio -Radio Presenter.
Nelson Leonardo -Radio Presenter
Maria Laria – Radio and Television Presenter

Doctor Elio Galán works in the beautiful facility “Galán Aesthetics” designed to offer an excellent service, where the fundamental priority is the patient. If there is something that characterizes him, it is to attend each one of them with love and professionalism and offer him his space and individualized treatment. He also works in the counseling and treatment of various international public figures who are part of his select clientele.

Despite the fact that Doctor Elio Galán has become the favorite of Latino celebrities in a very short time, he does not lose his love and dedication to his patients, whom he attends to every day in his facility, dedicating excellent medical care to each one of them. and beauty tips and advice.

2023 will be full of new challenges for the Celebrity Doctor, many new patients and public figures eagerly await his arrival in Miami. There are plans to open a VIP consultation on Thursdays, hold a Botox Party at the beginning of the year and many other surprises that are yet to come.

Dr. Galán is currently based in Miami, United States since 2010 and specializes in non-invasive aesthetic procedures and anti-aging techniques, becoming an expert and authorized medical authority to educate the patient in non-invasive aesthetic procedures.
During the year 2022, he had the experience of participating in the “INNOVATION” conference held in Mexico from December 2 to 4, 2022. In this medical event, he presented the advantages in aesthetic and anti-aging treatments of the PROMOITALIA medical company’s product line. aesthetics with which you will have the privilege of working and becoming one of its speakers worldwide during this 2023.
In this way, the famed doctor becomes one of the leading experts in non-surgical aesthetics, contributing to the realization of world-class educational programs, unmissable networking opportunities and the most respected manufacturers, suppliers and brands in the cosmetics industry. other regions of the United States, South America and Canada.
The popular Doctor during this year was one of the guests at the celebration of the 30 most handsome headed by the actor and presenter Julian Gil on the cover of the November issue of the American publication Somos La Revista. The famous doctor has the pleasure of being responsible for the aesthetics of this important actor and his daughter Nicole. He also shared in important social events such as the birthday of the former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, another of her spoiled patients.
As every year, Doctor Elio Galán makes these fascinating vacations, enjoying and relaxing surrounded by natural wonders and doing new adventures. In this way, charging the batteries to start a prosperous month of January, resuming your consultation on January 18. Through his Instagram account, he always shares his day-to-day life in different countries, what he has already gone through and how his incredible experiences have been.
“I am enjoying these fascinating vacations to the fullest to soon resume my practice and offer you my best care, I miss you very much and always carry you in my heart. I always thank God for these opportunities that life gives us and the publishing house dlb Ediciones together with its President and CEO León Fernández™ for covering my news”. Expressed Dr. Elio Galán.

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