Doctor Galán is already becoming the favorite of some celebrities in Miami.


The Cuban-American doctor is an expert in aesthetics and anti-aging

Dr. Galán is an expert in aesthetics and anti-aging. He has the necessary tools to make us all look young for a long time. Do you want to know some of his most innovative secrets and techniques?

After sharing some tips to take care of the skin and help prevent aging, he also revealed that he has attended some celebrities such as Mirtha Medina, Fedro and many others who have joined the list and that we will reveal later.

Dr. Galán is born in Cuba and currently based in the United States since 2010. Today he specializes in non-invasive aesthetic procedures and anti-aging techniques. He tells us how he became the favorite of many artists in Miami and what are the new treatments and tips he has for the stars.

What certifications do you have?


What technology and procedures do you perform on your patients?

The type of technology and procedures to be performed vary depending on the reason for consultation in each of my patients. My line of work is fundamentally focused on patient education. This aspect is of vital importance so that they understand everything related to the treatment. I do not intend to enrich your language with medical endings, much less gorge yourself on content, concepts, etc., but yes, feel confident, do not fear! That together we discuss and find the best option. At Galan Aesthetics we use a variety of procedures, to name a few (injections with neurotoxins (botox, xeomin, dysport); dermal fillers depending on the anatomical area to be treated (volume increase in lips, cheeks, chins, neck, hands, correction of dark circles, furrows nasogenians, jaw line definition; tensor threads (in all its variety); Pixel 8-RF (microneedle and radiofrequency system); platelet-rich plasma; double chin correction (Kybella); carboxytherapy; laser; acne; skin care (skin ceuticals); chemical peels; sclerotherapy; intravenous nutrition; male erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation; bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (women) and hormone replacement therapy in men; gynecological aesthetics; etc.

When and when did you specialize in skin care and beauty topics?

The interest in this specialty began recently, two years ago and believe me, it was something that came into my life to stay. I was captivated in this wonderful field of aesthetics and anti-aging. I took academic courses at Empire Medical Training and later became certified in aesthetics and anti-aging with the American Academy of Medical Procedures, acronym in English A.A.O.P.N. Professional improvement and enrichment are an inherent part of my personal life and that makes me happy and fulfilled professionally. That is why I do not stop studying or improving myself, my patients deserve it.

Can you name some famous clients that come to your clinic?

Laughter… you ask me a question that violates a privacy oath that each patient signs when they arrive at the consultation, the names that I will mention to you, I do it with her consent. I have worked with some celebrities who agree to be mentioned and who share my procedures on their social networks (Mirtha Medina, Fedro “El Divo del Pop”, Patricia Alejandra Caminitti.

Do you remember who was the first famous person you worked with?

It was Mirtha Medina and believe me that without a doubt she represented a pleasant experience, I was very young when my mother in Cuba listened to her music and having her in the consultation made me relive unforgettable childhood moments. What Cuban has not enjoyed the interpretations of Mirtha Medina?

What is the most requested treatment in your consultation?

They ask me for many treatments, each one has its indication and magic, I don’t want to pigeonhole myself in a random order, but without a doubt Botox, dermal fillers, thread lifts, platelet-rich plasma and male erectile dysfunction along with replacement of hormones.

What advice will you keep giving your patients about skin care?

Daily use of sunscreen, gentle and adequate cleansing of the skin, use of creams that strengthen hydration, moisturizing creams according to skin type, drinking plenty of water, not smoking, sleeping between 7-8 hours, controlling stress, maintaining a healthy diet. All this summarizing a way and healthy lifestyle.

What is the most innovative of your treatments and ingredients that you use

I think that the most innovative thing would be related to the treatment that is given to the patient. I can tell you without a doubt that the treatment for erectile dysfunction and gynecological aesthetics is revolutionizing every day.

The field of aesthetics and anti-aging is growing by leaps and bounds and with it, the countless medical treatments. At Galán Aesthetics we use top-of-the-line products approved by the FDA from recognized brands such as Allergan, Garlderma, Merz, Skin Ceuticals, Viola, Eclipse, Biote, among others.

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El Doctor Galán ya comienza a ser el favorito de algunas celebridades en Miami. – Miami Celebrities

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