Doctor Elio Galán Performs Aesthetic Retouches at Mister Global 2023


The Cuban Juan Carlos Ariosa recently won the Mister Global 2023 held on February 11 at the Royal Park Rajapruek, in the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The young man from Matanzas with a Mexican accent is the most beautiful man in the world, according to the most recent Mister Global male beauty contest, which awarded the title to the young dentist and actor.

Ariosa, also recognized as the most photogenic in Mister Global, impressed in the demonstration of typical costumes by dressing as a tocororo, the national bird of Cuba, which has the colors of the Cuban flag, white, blue and red.

He stepped onto the stage adorned with gold, red and black feathers, and wowed the audience by spreading magnificent wings, perfect six-packs and a sign on his chest with the phrase: “Patria y vida”. Interestingly, it is said that the tocororo can only survive in the wild.

The Cuban arrives at the Galán Aesthetics facilities together with his work team in search of small aesthetic touch-ups for the important Mister Global beauty contest. There are many public figures and celebrities who seek the magical hands of the Celebrity Doctor.

Juan Carlos Ariosa, currently the winner of Mister Global, underwent Botox and laser therapy to eliminate small lines of expression that made him look more radiant during the important male beauty contest

“Men are also touched up and rejuvenation techniques are done. There are many male patients who attend the facilities of the Doctor of the Celebrities requesting aesthetic procedures.

Doctor Elio Galán is currently known as “Doctor of Celebrities” and is one of the most famous doctors of aesthetic medicine in the capital of the sun, considered an important public figure.

Dr. Galán is currently based in Miami, United States since 2010. Today he specializes in non-invasive aesthetic procedures and anti-aging techniques and has become an expert and medical authority to educate the patient in non-invasive aesthetic procedures.

Doctor Elio Galán works in the beautiful facility “Galán Aesthetics” intended to offer an excellent service, where the fundamental priority is the patient.

If there is something that characterizes Doctor Galán, it is caring with love and professionalism for each of his patients and providing individualized treatment. He also works in advising and treating several international public figures who are part of his select clientele, including Juan Carlos Arcosa, winner of Mister Global 2023.

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