Erectile Dysfunction and other aesthetic treatments for Men with Doctor Galán / INTERVIEW


ATLANTA, GA.- We spoke with Dr. Elio Galán, known as the Doctor of the Stars, whose studies and management of the subject led him to open “Galán Aesthetics” in Miami, a primary medicine office certified to perform aesthetic and anti-aging procedures. non-invasive The quality of his work, good results and the endorsement of the American Academy of Medical Procedures (AAOPM) have made the clinic obtain the preference of his patients, among whom are several celebrities. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the interesting talk we had with Doctor Galán.

Alexia. In the case of erectile dysfunction, how is it done then? I thought it was a more invasive procedure.

Dr. Galan. Erectile dysfunction is a controversial topic and I confess that a large part of the patients who go to the clinic today go for the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or with a diagnosis. And there are many edges in the treatment. We can no longer only use the penile implant, or the famous bomb as many know it. Today there is a variety of medical treatments without having to reach a surgical treatment that guarantees a good sexual vitality.

Alexia. So there are a lot of men who may be suffering from this and the most important thing is that they are looking for help.

Dr Galan. That is the common denominator so that every day we do sustained, responsible work aimed at educating. Today the education that we have in the population has broken with taboos and stereotypes that were present 10 or 15 years ago.

When a man presents a dysfunctional problem, he already recognizes that he has it and the most important thing is that he is aware of his problem and always seeks help.

Alexia. Will it have helped that characters like Andrés García speak on the subject? Someone who says “I had cancer or something and I have dysfunction and now I’m using this…”

Dr. Galan. That is important. Take into account the diagnosis or personal pathological history of each patient. To give you an example, a patient who has suffered from prostate gland cancer and has undergone a surgical procedure, complete exegesis of the gland, will not have voluntary choices, and qualifies 100% for a penile implant. .. Other patients who do not have prostate cancer, certain or specific symptoms, or penile trauma, qualify for minimally invasive procedures that do not involve a penile implant.

Dr. Galan. There is a very large percentage of the male population that does. We no longer only see women who go to consultation for the sake of seeking a medical procedure. Nowadays, men are aware of how to prevent early symptoms of aging and take care of their skin. For example, in consultation, every day I have patients who are looking for good advice, who are looking for tips and they tell me what doctor recommends to keep the skin hydrated, fresh, healthy skin. And it’s cute. Not only women worry about maintaining a beauty status, men do too and believe me in a high percentage.

Alexia. If a man arrives who has never taken care of his skin. It has a solution?

Dr. Galan. Everything has a solution. For me the most important thing is the primary evaluation of the patient. It is in which one determines what characteristics the skin of that patient has that makes it completely aged. Physiologically, what has that skin lacked? For me, one of the fundamental things is to establish with the patient guidelines to follow and when you have a patient under the conditions that you have just mentioned, with a platelet-rich plasma treatment, cellular biostimulation is produced, increasing tissue perfusion at the level of the skin and this triggers much better skin to be obtained.

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