Elio Galán “The Doctor Of Celebrities” Arrives As Invited Expert To “Sit Who Can”

Elio Galan en Sientese quien pueda

The Doctor of celebrities talks about aesthetic arrangements in men in “Sit Whoever Can” broadcast by UNIMAS.

Doctor Elio Galán is currently known as “Doctor of celebrities” and is one of the most renowned doctors of aesthetic medicine in the capital of the sun, considered an important public figure.

Yesterday afternoon, the famous Doctor was invited to the popular program “Sit Whoever Can” where he explained the potential of Botox and also told us about aesthetic arrangements in men.

That is why, like many men in recent times, who do not hesitate to carry out small cosmetic touch-ups to improve their appearance, Julián Gil and Alex Rodríguez, presenters of the program itself, are part of the select clientele of Doctor Elio Galán.

Also some of the female panelists like Kerly Ruiz, Karla Gomez, and Vanessa Arias have been patients of the Celebrity Doctor. For Galán it is a privilege that almost all the presenters of “Sit whoever can” have passed through the facilities of Galan Aesthetis.

Galán has been developing educational work for patients on skin care for some time, taking his knowledge to the most prestigious radio and television programs.

Doctor Elio Galán works in the beautiful facility “Galán Aesthetics” designed to offer an excellent service, where the fundamental priority is the patient. If there is something that characterizes him, it is to attend each one of them with love and professionalism and offer him his space and individualized treatment. He also works in the counseling and treatment of various international public figures who are part of his select clientele.

The “Sit whoever can” program is a live entertainment format broadcast on the UNIMÁS screen, which brings together celebrity news, opinion comparisons and candid debates between a panel of journalists, talents, social media experts and, for the first time , the audience at home.

Each week, a stable member of the panel with the most controversial opinions voted by the audience on social networks will be replaced by a special guest who this time was the actor Pedro Moreno, who also admitted to having undergone aesthetic touch-ups.

“I am very happy for the invitation to the program” Sit whoever can “and have the privilege of being the doctor of the majority of its panelists” –Expressed Elio Galan.

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