The Celebrity Doctor “Elio Galán” proposes hormone replacement as the therapy of eternal youth


Hormone replacement therapy, new FDA-approved fountain of youth.

Doctor Elio Galán is currently known as “Doctor of celebrities” and is one of the most famous doctors of aesthetic medicine in the capital of the sun, considered an important public figure.

Doctor Elio Galán works in the beautiful facility “Galán Aesthetics” designed to offer an excellent service, where the fundamental priority is the patient. If there is something that characterizes him, it is to attend each one of them with love and professionalism and offer him his space and individualized treatment. On this occasion he tells us about hormone replacement therapy as a new fountain of youth for both men and women.

Vanity, the desire to look and feel good, and the need for high self-esteem have no age limit. Many patients have the false perception that the feeling of wanting to look beautiful, healthy and full is more present in young people. However, more and more men and women, who are over forty, are focusing on enjoying life without fear, exercising more and prolonging their beauty without having to resort to invasive aesthetic treatments.

One of the most effective treatments to feel good and rejuvenated, considered by some as the new fountain of youth, is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with natural “pellets”. This therapy consists of the administration of hormones that, although they are created in a laboratory, once they are inside the body they have the same chemical functionality as natural hormones. Some benefits of this therapy are:

-Improves overall health and appearance.
-Improves the texture and tone of the skin, wrinkles, hair and nails.
-Helps overcome or eliminate anxiety, depression, irritability and mood swings.
-Improves the sleep pattern.
-Increases vaginal lubrication, sexual desire and male virility.

Most women ages 30 and older and men ages 30 to 35 can benefit from hormone therapy with natural pellets. The administration of natural hormones generally does not produce serious side effects. The complications that usually arise with this procedure are minimal.

The procedure to implant the “pellets” is quite fast, almost painless and is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis in the medical office. The “pellets” are placed under the skin with a small incision.

Once implanted, they begin to release constant light doses of hormones that will regulate hormonal processes. Treatment usually lasts between 4 and 6 months, depending on how quickly the patient metabolizes the hormones in his body.

There are different types of hormone restoration therapy with bioidentical hormone pellets. In addition, its manufacture is certified by the FDA (Federal Drugs Administration, for its acronym in English) which guarantees the quality of this treatment.

Feeling young and happy forever is no longer a problem. The fountain of youth is available to everyone through hormone restoration therapy. Men and women can now, naturally, achieve an improvement in their overall health and appearance, regain their energy, increase their ability to lose weight, change their mood and increase their sexual vitality, thus prolonging aging and preserving their beauty. .

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El Doctor de las Celebridades “Elio Galán” propone el reemplazo hormonal como la terapia de la eterna juventud – Oyeme Magazine!

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